THOR LTD (ÞÓR HF in Icelandic) was founded in 1962 as an importer of machinery to agriculture and industry. Later on the company expanded into import of electric tools and electric consumer goods, especially computers and printers. Today the company is diversified and operates in three main departments: agricultural machinery, electrical tools & various machinery and personal computers and printers. 

The company's head office, central warehouse, main sales offices and service facilities are located at Krókháls 16 in Reykjavik. Two retail shops, one for tools and the other for computer products, are located at Ármúli 11 in Reykjavík. The subsiduary in Akureyri specialises in electrical tools, machinery and agricultural machinery.

Krokhals 16 - Reykjavik

Baldursnes 8 - Akureyri

The company has operated in the Icelandic market for over fourty years and its market encompasses the whole of Iceland, with roughly 300.000 inhabitants. The company is financially strong and healthy - ready to meet new challenges in the future.

The main areas of business are the following:

Agricultural machinery
In the tough agricultural machinery market in Iceland Thor Ltd has by far outlasted its competitors. Among the manufactures Thor Ltd represents are: Deutz-Fahr tractors - Kubota tractors - Trima loaders - Deutz-Fahr haymaking machinery (balers, rakes, tedders etc) - Amazone rotary harrows, tillers and seeders - Grimme potatoe harversters and planters - Skals potatoe sorters - to name a few.

Other machinery and equipment
Thor Ltd has been servicing the building industry and municipalities with various equipment. Those include: Dematic cranes - Weir pumps - Stetter concrete mixers and plants - Schwing concrete pumps - Salzgitter metal piles and pipes - VAG valves - Elster water meters etc.

Electrical tools
Thor Ltd has been the distributor of Makita, which is one of the strongest brand names in electrical power tools in Iceland, for over thirty years. Other products in this class are various power tools accessories (abrasive belts and discs, drills, bits, router bits etc), Fiac compressors and air tools, AR high pressure cleaners, Lescha concrete mixers and various other equipment.

Garden tools and equipment
Lawn mower and various gardening tools and machinery which is distributed and sold through the company include: Lawn Boy lawn mowers, Murray lawn tractors and mowers, Kubota compact tractors, lawn tractors and mowers, Kawasaki brush cutters, hedge trimmers plus various other accessories and equipment.


Um fyrirtækið

Þór hf.

Krókháls 16 - Reykjavík
Verkfæraverslun, Varahlutaverslun,
Landbúnaðardeild / Véladeild og Vélaverkstæði

Baldursnes - Akureyri
Baldursnes 8 - Akureyri
Verkfæraverslun, Varahlutaverslun,
Landbúnaðardeild / Véladeild og Vélaverkstæði


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